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Dollar General is a business that was grown up by James Bravery. He took the advantage of depression because he went into the buy and sell of bankrupt general stores. As years passed away he saved his money and started the company in the year 1955 in the name of a “Dollar General” store to provide the products at reasonable prices. 


It is a website of customer satisfaction surveys created by Dollar General. DG is one of the American neighborhood general stores; it is a wide chain store that offers products at reasonable prices.  Now we go through to the point of dgcustomerfirst survey and sweepstakes:

The main and important aim of Dollar General Management is to collect the honest and objective opinion of their customer’s tastes. This helps them to improve their services and products to develop at a higher level. They even work on shopping convenience easily to the customers as what they have on earlier.

Therefore customers could help DG to make decisions on adding the products and decreasing the prices of products as per customer’s demands and even customers can leave the complaints in the complaint box about the specific store or on products. This helps DG to keep up their standards across their branches.

The eight-decade old company should sustain in the market and continue the business so they have come up with this survey system. This was the main aim of the company. At the same time, even customers will be happy and satisfied with the products that they purchase and they also feel satisfaction about the prizes they offer. 


The survey of DGCustomerFirst is a platform for improvement:

That was the era where competitors of various companies came into the market and urge success. During this time, to give a tough fight to all the other companies Dollar General established DGCustomerFirst.com. With the help of this platform, the company can handle the consequences of the improvements on products and services as per their customer demand and taste. So their feedback gives them an idea on upgrading the products and in turn customers will be benefited from the changes. To keep DG business thriving this survey provide them to keep their customers happy. Customers also get an opportunity to share their unique ideas and desires about the products and services.  

DGCustomerFirst Benefits

Every customer who takes part in the dgcustomerfirst satisfaction survey will get a free entry to sweepstakes from which they have a chance to win $100 worth of gift cards. They can use this card in any branch of the store. It is a win-win situation for Dollar General

Since submitting the feedback forms DG will be benefited as well as customers in some of the other terms. This brings the company to give their best and helps them to stay competitive in the marketing world. 

Then the question raises on the mind of the customers that how to join or take part in DGCustomerFirst:

Once you visit the store it’s quite easy and quick to take up the survey. It doesn’t take much time to complete the survey. Here customers will be sharing their visit and accommodated experience on products and services. The key to getting into the survey program is to keep the receipt on hand. Remember this is a very important thing to keep in mind because unless the recent receipt of the store customers are not allowed to participate in the dgcustomerfirst.com survey. The minimum time requirement is 5 minutes to fill and submit the feedback form.

steps to get into the DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes:

  • The first step is to get into the web browser. Open any web browser on your mobile or computer. 
  • Immediately go to the official website. The official address is www.dgcustomerfirst.com
  • If the customer needed he can choose the language. There will the option of selecting the language. Usually, this website will be in two languages – English and Spanish.
  • Then customers need to type the unique code which will be at bottom of the Dollar General receipt. The code will be in 15 numbers.
  • Once the code is accepted the immediately customer will find the notification popping up on the screen.
  • After receiving the notification click on the start button.
  • The customer will find the series of questions that are appeared on the screen then start answering those questions. Choose the best answer as per your satisfaction level. If the customer needs to get entry to the sweepstakes then he should be patient and should answer all the questions. 

The questions will be on customers visit the stores and also about the products and services that are provided in the DG store. Some questions will be relating to price, environment, cleanliness, employees behavior, arrangements of products, and customer management. 

  • After answering all the questions. Then give your details like name, address, contact details, and email address once done then you will entering to the final page. 
  • Finally, it’s important to take note of the customer’s entry number. All the details are encoded with the date and draw of the entry number.

Who can join the Dgcustomerfirst Survey

  • Any customer who visits the store with a purchase receipt.
  • The citizens of the US and residents of Columbia.
  • The customer must be 18 years old and above.

What are the necessities customers need before joining the survey program?

  • Be sure about your age that you are 18 years old or above.
  • The customer should be a resident of the US or from the Columbia district.
  • The employees and their family members were not eligible to join the DG survey.
  • The customer should have a Dollar General Purchase receipt because at the bottom of the receipt you will find the unique code of 15 numbers. This will help you to enter while taking up the survey.
  • Customers should able to get good and stable internet connectivity because such a survey will be an online process.
  • The customer should able to read and understand the languages of English and Spanish because on the site you will find these languages. 

Without a purchase can customers join the DGCustomerFirst survey?

Yes, customers can join the sweepstakes even without purchasing in the store. The customer needs to send in a snail mail. The store will provide the card in that customer need to write the basic details. Then the card will be received by the manager of the store and send to review. 

The main advantage is that the customer will get a chance of winning $100 by joining the feedback survey program.

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