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Hey foodies, have you ever visited the MyKFCExperience food center? I think yes.  No one had missed out on this chance. Then what is MyKFCExperience? Do you know about the development of the brand of this food center? No right? Don’t worry we are here to share a piece of knowledge with you. Let’s look into the introduction to the MyKFCExperience center. 

“Kentucky Fried Chicken” is the world’s biggest fast-food chain. It has been cuddled with open arms in the country. Harland Sanders had developed and advertised for the first time about the unique fried and crispy chicken but Don Anderson and meager sign painter coined the KFC in 1950. At the starting stage, the name of the restaurant was “Sanders Court and Café”. The KFC food industry competed with other industries and found successful business.

They stayed rosy despite and increased their competition from other players. They achieved success only through the responsiveness of their customers. To create further strategies they decided to know about their customers regarding their thoughts on the food, service, and about their brand. This made them stay closer with their regular customers. The KFC Philippines Customer satisfaction survey is the tool to create the feeling among the customer. This survey helps them to share their unhappy, tastes of food, price, service, and client management services of the food center.



As I mentioned above this is the global biggest fast-food center other than this, it is the most famous restaurant with specialists in the fried chicken along with dozens of menu items. They have started their food centers worldwide around 20000 locations and they are famous for their signature recipe which was made in their hometown called fried and crispy chicken. 

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People loved MyKFCExperience chicken because of the combination of delicious items and reasonable prices. So this made customers’ all-time favorite food. As time and years passed on many other food restaurants crowded and gave tough competition to the KFC industry. To stay with the customers and to retain them, the KFC industry came up with the customer satisfaction survey program. This made them know about the customer’s experiences and close touch on the center. 

To take up this survey program every customer needs some necessities. What are those? Let us look into it –

  • Customers need to invest their few minutes. 
  • Need a computer or smartphone with the latest internet connection and good bandwidth.
  • Good network connectivity. 

Steps to be followed while participating in the MyKFCExperience Survey

There are certain procedures to be followed while taking up the survey. Instructions are mentioned below for further guide – 

  • Initially, the customer should go to the survey page – This page includes the set of questions where the customer should answer them.
  • Customers should keep their recent KFC receipts with them.
  • Next customer needs to enter the code, which will be on the bottom of the receipt with a series of numbers under the site address. 
  • Then click the start button and proceed with the survey.
  • It’s mandatory to answer all the questions according to their dining experience at the food center.
  • Lastly, submit the answers.

Therefore these are the certain instructions to be followed while participating.

MyKFCExperience survey upholds advantages and disadvantages to both customers and the industry. It’s not just the feedback form but maintains a good relationship between the customer and the outlet. Each response will be recorded and sent to the higher authorities to review the answers. Customers need to be honest enough while answering the questions. If they share their genuine feeling or experience about the outlet then they can improvise better. Such feedback helps them to upgrade their service ethics and also can add on food recipes. 

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Dear customer, you need not worry about the rewards. There is a chance to win free chicken in KFC if you fill the survey. Then the question arises how? Let’s look into that – 

In MyKFCExperience restaurants there is a chance to win the most delicious food in the world. Customers will be eligible only after sharing their experience at the MyKFCExperience website. There are certain requirements to participate in this survey. 

  • The website of KFC is accessible to everyone all over the world, but only the citizens of the UK, Canada, Zealand, US, and the Philippines will get the chance of the “free go up”. 
  • Customers need to visit the KFC outlet at least once a while because while participating in the survey customers will be asked for the unique code to enter. 
  • The customer should know to write and read the English language.

Restrictions to MyKFCExperience survey:

  • If the customer is below 18 years old are not eligible to take up the survey in the KFC outlet. Only above 18 years are allowed to participate.
  • The employees and family members of employees were banned from taking up this survey because there will be no genuine answers given in the form.
  • In the MyKFCExperience survey, customers will be rewarded a free chicken voucher that will not be transferred to anyone, and only one person is available to enjoy the offer at once. 
  • Old month receipts are not valid and the customer should visit the restaurant one month ago. 

Advantages to the customer

  • There are many advantages to the customer by taking part in the survey program say for, they can share their honest reality about the restaurant. 
  • They get a chance to suggest or appreciate their service, food, and environment, and management.
  • It encourages and attracts them to visit the outlet again and again and also can recommend their family and friends.
  • They will be enjoying the weekly offers and have a chance to win rewards. 
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MyKFCExperience Advantages

  • It keeps a good relationship between the outlet and with their regular customers. 
  • The survey will help them to know about customer demands and can upgrade their standard of cooking food and services. 
  • They can easily make out their genuine feedback and it gives them a boost to improve themselves. 

Disadvantages to customers:

  • They need to spend a few minutes participating in the survey.
  • Sometimes they stay back in giving their genuine opinions.

MyKFCExperience Disadvantages

  • They can’t make out whether their answers are genuine or not. 
  • Poor feedback makes them feel low.

Therefore the above mentioned are advantages and disadvantages of the MyKFCExperience satisfaction survey. 

Dear foodies, are you all excited to visit the outlet? If you were not visited yet, then come on! Have a look at it today itself. Visit the outlet and enjoy their treatment and delicious, juicy chicken. 

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