TellTheBell – Customer Satisfaction Survey & Feedback

TellTheBell is the customer satisfaction survey platform. The name of the platform begins with “Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey” which can be found at Taco Bell had designed the online survey form to give customers the chance to share their feedback on their recent experience. The company needs genuine feedback so that they can learn all the needs to be changed to give their best service experience. This survey is handled through the mode of online. 

The customer had a chance to give valuable feedback on the company by taking part in this program. Then the company reviews all the forms collected from the customers and will try to improve customer services and products. The company knew about the customer’s valuable time so they had offered an instant chance to win $500 cash. 


Taco Bell refers to the Mexican fast-food chains, established in 1962 at Downey, CA. The company started its branches worldwide, and currently, it had six and a half thousand restaurants. Taco bell’s Mexican had inspired their customers by adding on the menu, which includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and salads, and breakfast wraps. Customers can also have the option of choosing chips, dip, sauce, and rice. For vegetarians, they included a variety of drinks and desserts and also several dishes. 

The company provides the best services and products to the customers but they also did a good job to improve their employees’ life. They provide valuable education programs to their employees to achieve their higher studies and college diploma. They even run the charitable trust and collect the funds for the scholarship programs to provide support for vulnerable teens. 


How to Take TellTheBell Customer Feedback Survey?

  1. Access to the computer device with good internet connection and bandwidth.
  2. Should be able to read and understand English and Spanish.
  3. Should have the recent receipt of Taco Bell which contains the invitation for the survey.
  4. Above 18 years or older can take part in this survey.
  5. Mode of taking up the survey: Initially customers need to visit Website.
  6. Then enter the restaurant visit code, time, and date from the top of the customer’s receipt and click on the start button. 
  7. With the help of a 5 point scale rate the satisfaction experience.
  8. With the help of a five-point scale, customers should rate the satisfaction with the food, cleanliness, service, portion size, and team members.
  9. Customers should be clear on their feedback and should explain their problems based on experience. Then the company should try to resolve the problems as per customers demand.
  10. Be genuine while answering the questions and try to recommend the restaurant to others.
  11. Into the given text box customers need to explain their satisfactory and dissatisfactory points. This helps the company to know about their requirements and can improve them.
  12. Next, the question will be on the food and beverages. If the customer had ordered food, should tell that the food was full and delicious. This gives satisfaction to the customers on the item. 
  13. There will be a countdown for the number of words on what customers type their answers. 
  14. Lastly, the customer should select the option yes or no on the drawing feedback form. If no, then can submit and leave the browser. 
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The company also inserted the video guide to fill up the survey form, this helps the customer to understand them better and correctly guide them. Customers also feel better by sharing their opinions on their experience and helping in recommending to others.

The company had offered the cash price up to $500 to encourage the customers to participate in the survey. This platform enables the customers to voice their views and thoughts with the Taco bell company. By taking part in the survey customers are allowed to share their recent visit experiences at the food restaurant. 


TellTheBell Rules and Regulations

  • Every customer should be a legal citizen of the USA. 
  • Only 18 years and above can participate in this survey program.
  • The customer should be able to read and understand the specific language (English).
  • The company employees and their family members are not allowed to participate and win the TellTheBell sweepstakes prizes. 
  • The prizes of the company that they provide to their customers are not transferable or refundable for cash either. 

Now we look into the pros and cons of participation in this survey program, in the view of customers and the company.

TellTheBell Advantages

If the customers take part in this survey program, they can be open about their experiences and can share their genuine thoughts about the company. They feel relaxed once they share their opinions on satisfactory and dissatisfactory matters. They have a chance to win the cash prize. Also, it encourages visiting the place again and again. 

They accept the form of the customer and will try to implement the suggested changes and also try to reach out to their customer’s demands. This gives them a unique idea of improvising the service and products. Also, they will come to know about their ratings in the market.

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TellTheBell Disadvantages

They need to provide their valuable time of 5 to 6 minutes to participate in the survey. Sometimes they fail or hesitate to share their real opinions on the experiences. They may fail to accept the wrong points and ignore the poor feedback. 

Therefore there are equal advantages and disadvantages to both customers and the company. Taco Bell should accept all the points or thoughts given by their customers and properly implement them at the right time. This improves the company’s standard and encourages treating the customers in a better way. Customers also observe the changes made in the food point and can recommend their family and friends to visit the restaurant. This provides high ratings to the company and stands on the top list of the competitive world. 


Dear foodies, now you came to know about the Taco Bell company satisfaction survey program TellTheBell forms and gave you the information on how to take part and who are eligible to participate in this survey. Then what are you all waiting for? Come on! Grab the opportunity to win the cash prize of $500 by visiting the restaurant and enjoying the place’s accommodation or environment. 

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